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''I’m King Kami, a Brazilian artist based in Lisbon, Portugal. 


My career as DJ started back in 2015, I started off Djing on the duo CARAVAGYO, and producing "NOITES MEDUSA '', a weekly party that would showcase mostly LGBT emergent artists on the music scene in Lisbon. I define my style as a mix of club music and baile funk, being very motivated and influenced on Brazil's emergent scene. 

In 2019 I started the project "King Kami” and brought to Lisbon some of the rhythms that I grew up listening to in Brazil. My influences come from the north, south and especially northwest area of Brazil, more specifically João Pessoa- Paraíba.

image_6483441 (2).JPG

What really excites me about Djing is being able to show Lisbon’s night scene whatever excites me: it’s the having heavy basses, the fast bpm and a lot of acapella putaria blended with aggressive high pitch synths, at the same time blend it all with different textures of funk rhythms. The sets that I do are to be remembered as an energetic trip through my influences and music taste from different areas of Brazil, moving from BregaFunk to Megatron. 

Producing was something that also got my interest along the way and I plan to keep exploring that this year.

Last year, I started producing my own tracks, collaborating with amazing artists and hopefully soon I have some new tracks to release!''


You can listen to all that texture and influences on my monthly residence on Radio Quantica.

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